Old industrial office furniture - Office furniture is a multi most important industry which happens to be growing by progress post recession. As increasing numbers of real estate developers are jumping into your fray of economic construction, the need for office furniture is to get fuelled like never before.

Furniture demand in India has dramatically expanded during the last decade amid rapid urbanization. This incredible growth story can even be attributed to two additional circumstances - rise in disposable income and changing life style. Even in the midst of downturn in the economy, the item of furniture industry stood strong and posted year on year (Y-O-Y) increase in 2009. Moreover, the old industrial office furniture demand is anticipated to grow at greater than 10% during another fiscal year, making India the most attractive furniture markets while in the world.

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On the list of old industrial office furniture items, modular furniture and portable cubicles are which never be depleted favour. The primary benefit for a modular furniture (within a substantial work space) is that you can create a number of smaller work environments which have right now become a significant requirement.

Despite of which the pieces of furniture industry posted positive figures, it didn't remain proof against the worsening global economic situation. Furniture industry's revenues may have been better, had they not, witnessed a decline in orders in the midst of 2009. However, by no more 2010, there is a considerable development of the consumption which improved the rather gloomy scenario.

On the global scene, USA is still the market leader. In line with the latest research reports, the items of furniture manufacturing industry within the US generates about $65 billion in sales from 20,000 companies.

Among the list of upcoming trend which is being seen on the list of furniture manufacturers is they are hiring a space planners or professional office designers who help their clientele require a better decision. Some manufacturers (specially those, who specialize in modular furniture or cubicles) offer free space planning as a part of their offerings to help grow their clientele.

Another trend which can be being observed is the growing awareness and demand for old industrial office furniture. Caused by long working hours and mostly sitting jobs, some modern medical complications are arising like cervical problems etc. which explains why, offices are leaving no stone unturned to maintain their employees fit by offering the ergonomic furniture to be certain healthy working conditions.

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